Saturday, August 14, 2010

Epi-Cast: Episode 25 - "The Dream Team"

...aaaaand here we go again with another cherry-scented blast of filmic irreverence (okay, mostly idiocy)! This time around we delve into Inception, the film which stood the best chance - after Piranha 3D, of course - at redeeming this whole sub-par movie season and allowing us to trudge into the grim early days of September with heads high and chests puffed. Did it succeed and manage to tickle the ever un-tickle-able Tom? Is it at least a good lead in to Eat, Pray, Love and Takers? Only one way to find out senor, and that's to do some d-l-in' and get hip to the buzz. Our buzz!!!
Out of practice and worn down by the suffocating summertime heat and toil of full-time work, Cam and Tom finally get around to reviewing Chris Nolan's Inception, and the results are nothing less than, um, all over the map (But entertainingly so!) In addition, Cam reviews the indie hit The Kids Are All Right and the hit Swedish import The Girl Who Played With Fire (And badly mangles his attempt at synopsizing the latter's convoluted storyline). Apparently uninterested with staying up-to-date, Tom looks to the past for inspiration - finding the 1973 classic The Day of The Jackal to be worth shining a light on, along with the 2008 Ben Kingsley effort Fifty Dead Men Walking. The duo also make the most of another "Trailer Park Encounters" segment by analyzing what could be the finer points of Zack Snyder's Sucker Punch, Guillermo del Toro's Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark, the Ed Norton/Bobby De Niro joint Stone and Yogi God Damn Bear. Finally, as a fun bonus, the two hosts recount some of their most awkward film-watching experiences.

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