Friday, January 08, 2010

Epi-Cast: Episode 21 - "(Listen to the) Blue Cat People"

Bah, they say 3-D technology is the future of entertainment. We say bull-pucky! Can 3-D offer you up to 90 minutes of lobe-pleasing film discussion with just a hint of madness? The type of discourse that opens up a metaphorical tin of new movies, peeks inside and then rambles on about the contents until the cows come home? I think not. Face it bunky, the Epi-Cast IS entertainment, and nothing will ever be able to change that.

...Other than a strategically placed bomb.

...Or a crashed hard-drive...

Epi-Cast: Episode 21 - "(Listen to the) Blue Cat People"

Cam and Tom ring in 2010 - the year we make contact - in fitting style, putting on dorky glasses and determining whether James Cameron's Avatar is the greatest film to ever grace the screen (Hint: not even close!). They also momentarily turn away from the flash and bang to contemplate just how good Jason Reitman's latest, Up in the Air, is (Hint: Very!). As well, Cam tosses his thoughts on Sherlock Holmes, Nine and The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus into the black void of the internet while Tom battles to maintain his stoic composure while kicking around Terminator: Salvation and Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Plus, as a very special treat, the dunce-tastic duo name their five favourite films of the recently passed decade (Hint: Unpredictability abounds!). So strap on your hover-board, pop your mp3 player into the direct feed link behind your right ear and enjoy the hilarity!

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