Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Epi-Cast: Episode 9 - "Please Insert Clever Title Here."

Yup. It's here. Again. Seriously. Another fantabulous Epi-Cast has escaped into the wilds of the internets. And to make the occasion even more noteworthy, it's a doozy fo' sho'! Don't believe me? Read the synopsis below. A caution though: the pure awesomeness of it may decimate all that you hold dear and true, and leave you muttering and shivering in the corner, unable to comprehend the wonders of that which you have just witnessed. This is the atomic bomb of movie-related jabber-jawing fests, guaranteeing an hour and change of stupifyingly obsessive/deluded film criticism. Godspeed.

Epi-Cast: Episode 9 - "Please Insert Clever Title Here."

Recovering from Episode 8's major review deficiency, Cam and Tom return this time packing a double whallop of critical kung-fu. Not only is the Russell Crowe/Ben Affleck pre-WGA-strike-greenlit State of Play covered, but also Seth Rogen's darkly (not) comical Observe and Report. How's that for over-compensation? Want more? How about Cam taking off the gloves and reviewing the hell out of Fast & Furious, Adventureland and Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist? Not enough, huh? Well, Mr. Wytrwal then leaps into action and unloads countless clips of witty intelligence on the post-WWII Disney experimental flicks Saludos Amigos and The Three Caballaros, Matt Damon's The Good Shepherd and NBC's Ian McShane-vehicle "Kings". Toss is an explosive trailer review for Sam Rockwell's Moon and if you aren't good to go you must be flatlining. Wham to the boom!

To download, right-click and save on the green episode title above and then listen/suffer to your dear heart's content.

P.S.: We are also available on da iTunes as well. Simply do a shop search for "Epi-Cast" and CHICO-HARPO!, there we are! Oh, and we're the film-discussion show, not the church-talk one.