Friday, September 04, 2009

Epi-Cast: Bonus Episode - "An Inglourious Supplement"

This is the 30-minute bonus spoiler-filled chat which occured after the last episode of the Epi-Cast. Continuing with hosts Cam Smith and Tom Wytrwal, plus special guest Kris McRonney, this supplement is intended solely for those who have seen Inglourious Basterds and would like to hear some deeper analysis into the flick. It's a meandering, occasionally frustrated, but all-around well-intentioned attempt at peeling back of the layers of Tarantino's wonderful film. Enjoy.

Again, if you haven't attended the movie yet, please don't download this mini episode. It can and should wait until after you checked it out.

To download, simply right-click and save on the green episode title above. Then you are free to indulge in the interweb's finest joys.

P.S. We are also available on iTunes! No guff! Simply do a store search for "Epi-Cast" and, RITA-MORENO!, you can subscribe to our feed and receive insta-dl's (Net speak for downloads). Oh, and we are the "Epi-Cast", not the "Epicast". Avoid those nitiwt clowns.

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