Thursday, July 23, 2009

Epi-Cast: Episode 14 - "Mann Up, Princess!"

Well, the lucky streak was bound to end eventually and, most definitely, this latest Epi-Cast episode, number 14 for those counting, is a spectacular combustion of sorts. Having been recording these lately in the early AM, on little to no sleep, Cam and Tom thought they had discovered a recipe for greatness. Sadly, they were delusional. This resulting effort, while filled with hilarious/offensive jocularity, is a wildly unfocussed journey into the inner regions of the two brave co-hosts surly, disturbed minds. Joseph Conrad would have shuddered to undergo the aural exploration now being offered up to you for download...

Epicast: Episode 14 - "Mann Up, Princess!"

In this momentous episode, Cam and Tom finally come to blows, ranting and railing over Michael Mann's Public Enemies and its inherent greatness/crappiness. However, not all is doom and gloom, as the deranged duo heap out-of-this-world praise on Duncan Jones' sci-fi breakthrough Moon and reminisce over some of The Hangover's better bits. As well, Cam reviews the wonderful Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the emotionally powerful Summer Hours (L'heure d'ete) and the not so sexy-time Bruno. In regards to trailer reviews, they cheer for the Peter Jackson produced District 9, remain optimistic for the indie flick How To Be A Serial Killer, split on Diablo Cody's Jennifer's Body and, in a podcast first, one host stomps off set and refuses to talk about Drew Barrymore's roller-derby epic Whip It!. It's drama of the highest degree folks, but you'll have to experience it for your own sorry selves...

To download, simply right-click and save on the green episode title above. Then you are free to cringe/enjoy to your blessed heart's delight.

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