Saturday, July 04, 2009

Cam on the Hype! Cast!!!

I posted a link below in the latest Epi-Cast show-notes but, having listened to the final product, I feel compelled to shill a little more for my associates over at's official podcast The Hype! Cast. I joined the intrepid trio of Malice, Immortal Fire and highscorefilms last monday and spent an often hilariously entertaining 90 minutes running the critical gamut over Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen. The resulting debate/discussion/gab-session has now been edited, mastered and released on iTunes as well as on their pod feed, and it's really worth checking out, along with some of their past episodes. So, look for me, wielding the esoteric moniker Episode29 (Bet you can't guess where I got it!), in Episode #24: Transformers Review and then feel free to storm their archives for past hidden gems.

Link to the Hype! Cast's iTunes page

Link to the Hype! Cast's Podcast Feed

A big thanks to those guys for the great opportunity, and to you, dear reader, enjoy!

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