Friday, October 30, 2009

Epi-Cast: Episode 19 - "A Wild And Serious Podcast"

You dig it. You know it. You be lovin' and respectin' by downloadin' and collectin'. It is tha glorious-o! Epi-Cast...o! And it's back, in black, ridin' down the track, kickin' in your earphones while you drinkin' from a sack! Those "Wild Things", they be MASSIVE, and the Coen Bro's new movie, is about a dude who's passive! But anyway, I better split, cuz these rhymes are gettin' silly, and I best be gettin' to it! HOO-AW!
Epi-Cast: Episode 19 - "A Wild and Serious Podcast"
Wherein Tom and Cam run joyfully with Spike Jonze's Where The Wild Things Are and ponder the meanings of a chaotic universe, thanks to the Coen Brother's latest opus A Serious Man. They also discuss the cheapie shocker Paranormal Activity, the Jamie Foxx/Gerard Butler high-octane-rollercoaster-slam-bang-wham-bam-guts-and-attitude-thrillride Law Abiding Citizen and the spook-tacular Halloween horror anthology Trick 'r Treat. As well, in a typically rambling "Trailer Park Encounters" segment, the two nitwits nitpick the latest promo clips for Toy Story 3, Terry Gilliam's The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus and the Nic Cage period-piece horror flick Season of the Witch. It's all so much fun that'll you'll be consulting a therapist by morning!
To download, simply right-click and save on the green episode title above. Then you are free to indulge in one of the interweb's finest wonders.
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