Thursday, October 08, 2009

Epi-Cast: Episode 18 - "Attack Of The Nebbishy Undead"

The hiatus is over, and the Epi-Cast has risen up from the apparent dead, like a salivating soul-sucker creeping out of a freshly dug grave. However, rather than drain your body of lifeforce, the Epi-Cast only yearns to siphon your frontal lobes of smart-juice, through an ever-reliable mixture of rambing film discussion and general rambunctiousness! Hail we, who podcast from a basement!

Epi-Cast: Episode 18 - "Attack of the Nebbishy Undead"

In this most spanking of episodes, Cam and Tom grab their trusty chainsaws and shotguns and go to work on both the Woody Harrelson splatstick hit Zombieland and the Diablo Cody ghoul-girls-gone-wild dud Jennifer's Body. They also catch up to speed with reviews of Shane Acker's animated film 9, Clive Owen's The Boys Are Back, Matt Damon and Steven Soderbergh's The Informant! (A no-prize awaits whoever can guess which host fell asleep!) and the Paul Gross-starring/directed Canadian war epic Passchendale. It's also a juicy Trailer Park Encounters segment, with coverage of the no-doubt future Oscar nominee Up In The Air, the no-doubt future Scream Award nominee A Nightmare On Elm Street, the no-doubt future Razzie Award nominee The Blind Side and, um, From Paris With Love. Goddamn, this is one tasty episode!

To download, simply right-click and save on the green episode title above. Then you are free to indulge in one of the interweb's finest wonders.

P.S. We are also available on iTunes! We kid you not! Simply do a store search for "Epi-Cast" and, ELECTRO-MYSTERIO!, you can subscribe to our feed and receive insta-dl's (Net speak for downloads). Oh, and we are the "Epi-Cast", not the "Epicast". Avoid those pretentious fools like the flesh-eating plague.

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