Saturday, September 30, 2006

Greetings to all!

Cam here!

Just wanted to greet you all (and by all I mean my Mom and maybe one friend) to this Blog. My basic aim is to dissect pop-culture moments as they happen. I may do movie reviews or cd reviews... I may discuss my opinions on new developments in movies/tv/music... I may humorously jab fun at the lastest celebrity gossip... If you're looking for a Blog with up-to-date Hollywood relationship info keep looking! I'm here to take a humorous look at the entertainment industry with some geek-speak thrown in. Hopefully you'll get an understanding of where I come from if you read these postings. Well, here we go, post number one in the can! Hold on tight! It's gonna be a bumpy ride!

-Episode 1 Complete


Janine said...

Wow! Now I really do, officially, have the coolest brother ever

noelle said...

I myself cannot wait to read more of Mr. SMITHS humorous take on popculture with essays and reveiws on a multitude of pop culture and goings on, Go Cammy Go

Anonymous said...

This sounds cool! Can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Let the Fun begin. I'm really very excited.

Anonymous said...

Riveting. What about giving us some of your wisdom on something other than movies? How about politics, religion or something controversial like whether you should butter your toast before you put on the peanut butter?